According to Wikipedia (01/14/2022 German version) “… customer satisfaction is formed when the customer’s comparison between his expectation and the degree of fulfillment or subjectively perceived performance is positive, that is, when his expectations have been exceeded. […]”

Our most important goals have always been, on the one hand, to achieve long-term cooperation with customers (without putting them into a perceived consultant dependency) and on the other hand, to be recommended to others. The results of the current customer satisfaction feedback for 2021 indicate that we have continued to achieve this goal. The difficult circumstances caused by lockdowns and home office called for much more flexibility than usual from our customers and ourselves. Due to the changed working methods and the distance, the consultant / trainer / auditor often is not sure wether customers achieve the usual effects and customer satisfaction is generated or maintained. Therefore we note with great gratitude that we were able to maintain the feedback value for target achievement of 1.33 in 2021 as well. This fluid flexibility from presence to online-supported appearances (and back), frequently also hybrid, was further developed in 2021 and rewarded by our customers with a score of 1.56. These efforts will culminate in an even broader webinar offering in 2022. Here are the other graphically presented results of the 2021 customer satisfaction survey: