Rhein S.Q.M. has fully integrated the core principle of CSR into its own company policy. We also enjoy lending a helping hand to non-profit and welfare organisations with specific projects and individual ventures, thus supporting projects, which we feel are pioneering, humanitarian, and make sense for society in general. In order to do so, we have initiated an extensive range of activities, and have already been able to reach some first milestones. We are permitted to mention here that Rhein S.Q.M. lends a hand to two welfare organisations in all issues regarding QM and Regulations on the Recognition and Approval for Further Education and Training as their QM representatives.

We also initiated a project for the training and further education of older people with reduced physical abilities for one of our clients, for which we have taken on the entire certification process.

Other projects in this area include the targeted support for specific fundraising campaigns, KTQ and QM projects for voluntary welfare work are currently being developed by our CSR team.

If you should have any questions regarding our company or specific CSR activities, or wish to offer your support, don’t hesitate to contact us!