„With TRIZ, innovation is not just coincidental – it’s systematic“

Method Description

TRIZ is aimed at finding solutions for technical problems by way of innovative approaches. This development method paves the way for systematic innovation generation and new inventions. TRIZ is used in complex development problems. The method offers support when faced with conflicting objectives and technical inconsistencies. The method covers the entire problem solving process (cause investigation/ solution options/ decision/ implementation). All phases are accompanied by a review of effectiveness.


We can enable your organisation to develop inventions or technical solutions systematically and sustainably continue their development. The process is based on the implementation of a TRIZ-based technology management.

Benefits for our Clients:

Systematic development and inventions – with strict customer orientation
Systematic solution development in the product and process development phase
Innovative product and process technologies


Optimisation/ Development of technology
Management at the desired level
Implementation of required TRIZ tools
Training within the organisation

Project Processes

Conceptual and consultancy meetings
Analysis of your development processes in line with company vision, mission, objectives and product portfolio
Final report on strengths, weaknesses and potential of your development process
Action proposals for the optimisation or development of a TRIZ-based technology management within your organisation
(Basis/ Performer/ High Performer)
Concept creation and implementation of
technology management in your organisation
Additional technology management coaching for your staff, as required

Target Group:

The target group for TRIZ-based technology management comprises companies of all sizes and in all industries, who wish to establish themselves in the market (with own product developments). TRIZ is a great opportunity – particularly for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Trainer/ Consultant: René Rüffer, Wolfgang Rhein

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