Mid of September the transitional period of the new in March 2013 published EU guideline “Good Distribution Practice (GDP)” will end. The new heavily modified guideline will apply for sales and distribution companies, who are trading or transporting pharmaceutical products or transporting. Aim of the guideline is the improvement of quality along the whole supply chain, from the producer to the end consumer. That implies among other things that from now on not only the temperature control from 2 to 8 degree Celsius is mandatory prescribed. According to the GDP every transport temperature indicated by the manufacturer has to be guaranteed by the service provider. The requirements for the areas trading and logistics become far more stringent with the approach of the GDP to the GMP (for development and production).

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The ISO 16001 will be replaced by the ISO 50001. What does this mean for companies?

Since the 24th of April 2012 certifications after ISO 16001 are not possible anymore. Companies must be certified ISO 50001 instead. The norm intends sustainable energy cost savings, the reduction of harmful emissions and other environmentally-harmful pollutants. The change towards the international accredited norm ISO 50001 is worthwhile for companies, as it is much more extensive in comparison to the old standard. Organisations will be put in a position to improve their energy efficiency and consumption in every process, starting from purchasing, product planning and after sales division. The existing management system will be supplemented by energy efficiency related key figures. These indicators show the yearly savings and also where energy is still wasted. This system allows to create targeted measures to reduce waste. You will be accompanied by Rhein S.Q.M. in a very professional manner through all project phases of the norm.

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From now on Rhein S.Q.M. Quality Academy’s current seminar scenarios have their own virtual home! You will learn everything about typical or customer-specific Basic, Advanced and High Performance Seminars, Trainings and Workshops on www.qualitaetsakademie.de.

The Quality Academy trainers will detect your and your staff’s specific training needs and develop individual seminary concepts. We distance ourselves consciously from „ready-made” seminars.

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We are happy to announce that the long-time and successfully running Rhein S.Q.M. quality management system has been ISO 9001:2008 certified in February 2011. The certification scope for Rhein S.Q.M. is: “Development, planning and implementation of management consulting, operational quality and supply chain management, seminars, trainings and workshops”.

The quality of our consultants, supply chain managers, trainers and service team is the base of our corporate success. Their dedication, especially in contact with the customers and partners, their liability and creativity indicates our internal and external way of working. This long lasting quality, proven by our customers’ satisfaction surveys, has now been audited and certified by an accredited certification body. We are convinced that the certification by DEKRA Certification GmbH establishes our position as your competent partner and professional business support. We LIVE quality.

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Participants will gain a full understanding of how to investigate, collect evidence and document the efficiency of the measurement system while taking into account customer and industry-specific demands and ensuring automotive and aerospace standards are adhered to. This includes thorough teaching, discussion and practice of both the general procedure and the specific process and sequence as well as compliance with regulations.

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